There is an excellent opportunity to immigrate to Canada under the Federal class category. Professionals whose occupations are in demand in Canada (we have 50 eligible for immigration occupations) may apply now to get permanent residence. It is important for a candidate, except having their professions on the list, to evaluate their diplomas and transcripts in one of our universities and undergo a language test before submitting an application. Since we have a cap of 500 candidates per profession for this year, it is advisable to prepare your papers in advance. In the case your application is refused because the cap is reached, it is still a good idea to have your diploma evaluated and test results handy for the next year or, alternatively, for assessing your chances under other programs. You have to keep in mind that our immigration programs might change and, if your papers are ready, you will have a better chance to be among the first applicants for a new program. For example, one of our provinces, Saskatchewan, published a long list of professions in demand for 2014 in that province where 150 candidates were taken per profession.

Latest glance on a Federal skilled worker program

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