Criminal Law

If you are convicted of a CRIMINAL OFFENCE, we can defend you against any allegations.

Our office specializes in summary convictions including:

  • Domestic Assault & Domestic Violence
  • Harassment
  • Theft under $5000


Canadian Immigration

If you or someone you know wishes to establish a new life in Canada, Karb Law can help. Immigration law is our primary area of practice and we are expertly equipped at handling your case from beginning to end.

We also focus on advocacy at immigration tribunals and divisions.

Our areas of focus include:

  • Release from immigration detention (visitors, refugees),
  • Conducting admissibility hearings
  • Refugee hearings
  • Appeals
  • Conducting admissibility and detention review hearings.

If you failed to maintain your residency obligations in Canada, or have been determined to be an inadmissible class in Canada based on a criminal conviction, or are medically prevented from a Canadian status, or your spousal application was refused, we can represent you before the Immigration Appeal Division.

* If your foreign guest was detained at the Canadian border, call us immediately as the first review of their case must be scheduled within 48 hours after the arrest. *



Our hourly rate is $435 CAD plus applicable taxes.

If your case is straightforward and the outcome is predictable, it is possible for us to proceed on a flat rate basis. For example, our legal representation as your counsel at the appeal division might cost between $3,000 to $10,000 depending on what stage of the procedure you hire us. Our consultation fee is based on a block rate of $300.

We provide free consultation on general matters, but if a detailed assessment of the client’s situation is required, a consultation fee will be applied.