This page is frequently updated with links and documents that provide valuable information regarding Canadian immigration and criminal matters.

Canadian Immigration Resources and Links

Government of Canada Immigration Website – The home page of the Citizenship and Immigration website, where you can access information about how to immigrate to Canada, obtain immigration forms, find recent news, etc

Government of Canada Immigration Eligiblity Form – The Citizenship and Immigration website provides a 10-15 minute questionnaire to determine what immigration programs you can apply for, as each program has very different eligibility requirements and forms.

Discover Canada pdf (10mb) – The Official Study Guide for the Citizenship Test

Welcome To Canada (9.5mb) – Find what to expect in your first few weeks of coming to Canada and important things to do before and after arriving

Planning to work in Canada? (4.5mb) – A workbook detailing finding a job in Canada, improving English or French, etc. For those who are considering moving to Canada or have recently arrived.

Criminal Law Resources and Links

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General Resources and Links

CanLii Directory – A directory for a vast amount of various different legal cases and appeals. The website was created to make it faster and easier for the public to access high quality legal commentary on court decisions