First of all, the express entry system is designed for a faster processing of applications under any immigration program the applicant files. Secondly, express entry is not a substitute for a program, and it is not a separate immigration entry for the applicant.

So, why did the government create Express Entry? The main idea is to generate a pool of applicants which will be seen by immigration authorities, Canadian employers and provinces (both immigration and employers) in order to make a choice for the best candidates. It will be like an expose of a product: everyone interested can see who is on the market and choose the best one for his/her needs.

The programs affected by Express Entry are:

  • The Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • The Canadian Experience Class
  • The Provincial Nominee Programs

The candidate for immigration to Canada must be eligible for those programs mentioned above in order to be able to complete their profile online.

The candidate also need to register with a Canadian Job Bank. Job Bank will connect potential immigrants who are eligible for one of the programs with Canadian employers. It will help both employers and prospective immigrants find each other.

If the applicant who filed their profile in Express Entry portal is chosen, they will be processed by the immigration officer faster than others, within six months. Other candidates whose profiles are already in Express Entry pool will be staying in the system for up to 12 months and, if they were not chosen, will be obliged to reapply the next year (providing they still are eligible for a one of the programs mentioned here). The programs’ criteria could be changed after 12 months, so it would not be any guarantee that the candidates who were not invited to apply for a permanent residence, could do it next year.

Express Entry and how will it work

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