When a candidate for any class of immigration, whether Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades or Canadian Experience Class program, submits their letter of employment, the letter must contain certain information. It is imperative that your employer lists all of your main duties in the letter, and those duties must not only match your occupation from the National Occupation Classification (NOC), but contain no less than 70 percent of duties that are described in the NOC.

For example, the title of your job fits into “Supervisors, supply chain, tracking and scheduling co –ordination occupations”, NOC 1215.  The main duties supervisors perform in this group are:

Co-ordinate, assign and review the work of clerks engaged in the following duties: shipping, receiving,  storing, distributing and  maintaining inventories of materials, parts and products, processing purchasing transactions;  distributing coordinating production work ; dispatching crews; scheduling transportation crews and routes; operating airport ramp servicing vehicles; and other related activities

  • Plan, organize and oversee operational logistics of the organization, establish work schedules and procedures, resolve work-related issues, prepare and submit progress and other reports and co-ordinate activities with other supply-chain work units or departments
  • Train workers in job duties, safety procedures and company policies
  • Requisition supplies and materials
  • Ensure smooth operation of computer systems, equipment and machinery and arrange for maintenance and repair work
  • May perform the same duties as workers supervised.


For example, you may perform (from that list of duties) the following  tasks:

  • shipping, 2) storing, 3) distributing, 4) maintaining inventories of materials, parts and products, 5) processing purchasing transactions, 6) distributing co-ordinating production work, 7) scheduling transportation crews and routes, as well as you 8) plan, organize and oversee operational logistics of the organization, 9) establish work schedules and procedures, 10) resolve work-related issues, 11) prepare and submit progress and other reports, 12) co-ordinate activities with other supply-chain worm units of departments, 13) train workers in job duties, safety procedures and companies policies and 14) requisition supplies and materials,

You will have a total of 14 out of 18 duties from the NOC, which represents 78 percent of all duties, your letter of employment will be satisfactory for assessing you as a supervisor under 1215 NOC.


How to Comply with Requirements of Immigration Officials for the Letter of Employment – Express Entry

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