A Canadian or permanent resident of Canada can sponsor their spouses to Canada
meaning that they can be accepted in Canada as permanent residents. Many are confused
in thinking that, if they are Canadians or permanent residents (PR) their foreign spouses
are automatically entitled to receive an immigration status in Canada.
Immigration is not a right, but a privilege.
What does this mean in practical terms? It means that the applicants must be persuasive in
their applications to warrant a positive result. The government does not just grant it. As a
firm, we have the due diligence to present your case in the best way possible. You may
wonder why it was not enough that you submitted your marriage certificate and a few
photos of yourself and your spouse together in your package for your sponsorship
Think about how many applications the Canadian government receives, your application
has to pass regulatory admissibility (the government considers criminality, security and
misrepresentation). Accustomed to a sea of fraudulent applications, their duty is to
discern a genuine relationship. Your duty is to present one. Even if your relationship is
genuine, but you do not convey it in the proper manner, you can simply be denied.
Let us share an anecdote with you…
A distraught client arrived at the office – he had been denied his sponsorship application
for his wife. He was a Canadian singer, who was sponsoring his Australian wife who was a
journalist. To his surprise, his application had been denied, and he decided to come to our
firm for a second attempt.
Through asking the right questions, we brought forth a compelling love story. The client
told us about his journey and we made sure to gather detailed photographs of when,
where and why events occurred and present it in such a way that this time around, the
couple did not even have to go through a personal interview. The case officer who
examined their case was more than satisfied regarding the genuineness of their marriage.
Some, however, are of the opinion that our immigration officials must grant them
(foreign spouses) permanent residence only by virtue of being the spouse of a Canadian.
This is the wrong approach.
If you’ve been denied in the past, are thinking about restructuring your application, or feel
lost in how to begin, let us help you share your story, and create a new one with your
spouse, in Canada.

Sponsoring a spouse: Fully understanding the concept

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