Nova Scotia again opens its doors for prospective immigrants who can establish their businesses in the province. This program existed before, but was closed due to the limitations of candidates. Now, the province will be opening it again and the number of candidates will be reduced to 50 persons per year. The program will help the province of Nova Scotia boost its economy and grow its population in the province. Eligible applicants will be business people who have enough experience in managing their own business in their countries and are ready to open a business in the province. If the eligible candidate stays in the province for 2 years under a work permit, they can automatically receive a permanent residence status afterwards. There will also be another similar program called the “International Graduate Entrepreneur Program”. International students coming to the province must study 2 years in an eligible educational institution and prove they have at least 1-year experience in running a business. They too might receive a permanent resident status in Canada.

Immigration news on provincial nominees’ programs

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