If you are a businessperson who has a net worth of at least $350,000 CAD and a partner who is a Canadian resident, you may be eligible for permanent residence in Canada.

We have a number of different programs for businesspersons throughout the country. For example, you can become an owner-operator in your own proposed business in one of the provinces and receive a work permit from the federal government. For this, you need to prepare a business plan which needs to be presented for approval, first before a particular province and then, before the federal government (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) before the issuance of a Work Permit.

There is also an opportunity for a Start Up Visa in Canada where candidates are chosen by Canadian businesses. Some Canadian businesses are willing to accept new foreign talents who can bring new ideas to support the Canadian economy. These candidates may undergo 2 weeks of executive management at York University in Ontario and receive a certificate of completion, plus a letter of support from a business, which accepts the candidate for joining or opening a new business in Canada. Then, a candidate applies for a work permit or permanent residency to the federal government.

News for Businesspersons and Entrepreneurs in Canada
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