If you have experience in early childhood education, you may be eligible to apply under the provincial nominee program to one of our provinces outside of Ontario and immigrate to Canada.

The minimum requirements are: One year of work experience within the past five years; enough money to support yourself and your family members for the first year of residing in Canada, and of course you must be able to demonstrate a good knowledge of English.

However, the offer is only available for a limited time until positions fill up! If you would like to apply for this program or learn more about it, contact our office as soon as possible!

There is also some optimistic news for other professionals who wish to immigrate to Canada. Throughout 2019, Canadian provinces are also expected to release a new list of occupations that are in demand and will therefore allow eligible candidates to apply under the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). We recommend all professionals who are interested in immigration to provinces other than Ontario to forward us their biographies and resumes for a free assessment.

Immigration Opportunities for Early Childhood Educators

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