Some international students who receive an education in Ontario have difficulties in applying for a permanent residence under either experienced class or skilled workers category. Well, they might consider relocating to Manitoba. The first step would be to search for employment in the province and, upon finding it, work there for one year and then apply for a permanent residence.

It is a good idea for those who plan to study in Canada to consider Manitoba for studies as after completion of your post-secondary educational institution in the province and having six months of employment afterwards, they will be able to apply for permanent residence in Canada. Graduates from a post –educational institution in Manitoba who stay in the province are entitled for a 60% tuition rebate.


Another option is New Brunswick.The province of New Brunswick now has a program which allows potential immigrants to express their interest to come to the province permanently. The beauty of this program is that candidates don’t have to have the employer’s job offer,-the government of New Brunswick decides whether or not their skills are in demand and may invite them to apply directly for permanent residence. Business people who want to settle in New Brunswick and who have experience and money to open and operate their own business in the province, can now use this unique opportunity to immigrate to Canada.

We hope that the new Canadian government will loosen up the harsh rules which were preventing many from immigration to Canada for years and allow more people from around the world to move to our amazing country. Stay tuned.


Latest glance at immigration opportunities in Canada.

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