Citizenship Residency questionnaire, proof of residence , section 11 for abandonment  and new procedures  (New)

“Before April 17, 2009, in cases where additional information is required from an applicant in order to assess their criteria for any subject application or residence in Canada (i.e. where in a citizenship application the applicant was requested to complete a residence questionnaire (RQ) and provide evidence of residence), applicants who do not fulfil this request were scheduled for a hearing with a citizenship judge.

However, with the coming into force of amendments to the Citizenship Regulations on April 17, 2009 to support the implementation of Bill C-37 (2008), An Act to Amend the Citizenship Act, the regulations concerning documentary requirements for citizenship grants were revised. Specifically, one of the changes gave authority to require the applicant to provide evidence of residence in Canada.”


Citizenship Residency Questionnaire / New procedure

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